When you gained experience and trust your feelings too much, you start to let yourself be distracted by a various things, like phones, girl/boy on the street :)And of course, no matter how much experience you have, DO NOT DRIVE AND TYPE, it’s statistics that 1 on 4 accidents happen because of cell phone use.So think twice before text or share somethingSo, even if you are a driver with enough experience, keep in mind that it will take a fraction of a second to make a crucial mistake.The lights of the car MUST be used properly, and by this I mean not only you must switch them on in a busy road, on a country road, or on the highway so that the other drivers can see you, but maybe even more important to avoid an accident is NOT to blind the drivers in front of you with your headlights.Like the headlights, you must use them as many times a s necessary. It’s enough to “forget” one time, and it can lead to an accident.It may sound odd, but if you are behind a muddy truck and he throws on your windscreen mud and sand, then you will see why is it so important, and the examples could continue.One of the most important aspect in how to avoid an accident is to know your car.And by that I mean, the dimensions of the car, the power, the braking distance, the interior buttons, everything can make the difference in a situation like the one we are talking about, avoiding accidents.That is the most important aspect in avoiding accidents.We have to make periodic maintenance on our car, because it works just like us, from time to time we go to the doctor and make our analysis. Better to be prepared than to be surprised.This is my list about the most important aspects in “how to avoid car crashes”, please feel free to ask question or to comment on these 10 tips, and maybe together are going to make another list with priorities.The second part is about how to be prepared for survival in case of an accident.First I want to share with you a little story about how I have managed to escape without a scratch in my worst accident.I was only 18 years old (now I’m 33), when me and my cousin had an accident, and like every young boys thought that “it could never happen to me”..

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