Next three days we spent in Bavaria, famous and beautiful land of Germany. The capital of this land, the magnificent city of Munich and Nuremberg attract here a lot of travelers. Landscapes with hills, valleys and rivers on our route made their calming effect on such travelers as Klaus and me.

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The Packers lost 17 6 and Favre didn’t throw a TD, but all I remember is that guy and the double birds. He didn’t leave happy, but those two guys in the poncho and my dad did. My best friend and I laughed the entire two and a half hour drive home about what we witnessed..

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Paula was recently inducted into the Comedy Hall of Fame and just named to a list of top Unconventional People to Follow on Twitter. She has won an ACE award for Best Standup Comedy Performance and an Emmy and Ace Award for Best Program Interviewer. Poundstone was recognized as one of Comedy Central 100 greatest stand ups of all time!.

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