Washington Post Joplin Washington Post Woodsome Washington Post eagles justice justice reform jenkins long boldin lives matter supremacy a knee anthem sunday shootings sessions minimum sentence minimum sentencing system racism penalty sentence Washington Post center Usero Anthem Protests anthem protestsa white country singer who loves America. And I took a knee. She sang the national anthem at the Titans Seahawks NFL game on September 24, Meghan Linsey took a knee with her guitarist Tyler Cain.

In Keenum’s case, it’s not like the Vikings went cheap at quarterback. Sam Bradford was supposed to be their starter, with Teddy Bridgewater on the mend from the injury that caused them to trade for Bradford in the first place. Keenum, who is making $2 million in salary and bonus money this season, was added as an insurance policy.

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The past two Saints seasons have been ended by the Minnesota Vikings’ miraculous touchdown and the pass interference non call against the Los Angeles Rams. That’s two potential Super Bowl seasons washed away by seemingly once in a career postseason mishaps. The clock is ticking loudly in Drew Brees’s attempt to get back to another Super Bowl.

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